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Photo by the late world renowned street photographer Robert Herman. We are proud to have worked with Robert; he was a brilliant photographer. We will miss him.

“Denise and I worked together to release a video recording of one of my compositions, CHRISTOPHER STREET LIBERATION DAY 1970. Throughout the process, she was simply a pro – thorough, detail-oriented, and committed. She believed in my work from the beginning, and saw what the final product could be. She ultimately organized a panel discussion and found guest speakers to go along with my piece for the presentation. She also brought her whole team to work on the project – she knew just who to call for graphic design, master, recording, social media, every aspect of the project. All the while, she was driven by a sense of creativity and passion for the arts.” – Leonard Bopp , Conductor, Composer, Trumpet Player

“Denise Marsa was a true find! Her skill, tenacity, clarity, and thinking out of the box pushed my PR presence to the next level in a matter of weeks. Denise has the industry experience to negotiate any deal, and a passion of a musician’s heart with which she absorbs the person in front of her. A killer combo. Love working with her.”  – Svjetlana Bukvich, Award winning composer and media artist

“It’s been great working with Denise Marsa of KeyMedia. She’s energetic, creative, and most importantly, a good listener who prefers to collaborate rather than dictate in terms of our partnership. I’m just getting started and have no doubt KeyMedia can take my business to the next level.” – Dr. Kela Henry, Author & Speaker

“A dear friend and client of mine referred me to KeyMedia Public Relations. Since early Fall 2016, I have been working with Denise on my Indiegogo campaign leading to the start up of my new product company, Mond Products, plus providing great ideas for my online storefront. Throughout that time, Denise has given me valuable input and also came up with ideas that I did not even think of. Denise gives me the impression that when you hire her, you don’t only get what is created while on the clock, which is very creative, rather she seems to mull things over throughout the day, and then sends you new ideas or improvements. This embodies for me that her heart and soul is in each project, she also exudes a sincere desire for my success. Looking forward to working with Denise in 2017 and taking things to the Moon!” – Philippe Schaedler Mond Products, Santa Monica, California

“Denise Marsa truly thinks outside the box.” -Sandra Busta, Designer

“Ever since I started working with Denise, she has been worth her weight in gold. Besides being a down to earth, solid, and honest human, she acts as a mentor, sounding board, and cheerleader helping you to achieve your wildest (or tamest dreams)… The possibilities are truly endless. Whether you are an emerging artist or established company (or anywhere in between), I can highly recommend all that her creative brain has to offer.” – Candice Palladino, Actress, Writer, Owner Pond Jumper Productions

“Denise has a passion to help her clients succeed unlike anyone I have ever seen. She will work to the very last hour to achieve the goals of her clients in all areas of the Arts and Entertainment industry. She will do her best to work with talents she believes in and devotes 100% to her clients. Her creativity is enormous and she is constantly coming up with new ideas. Working for her was a wonderful experience and taught me a lot about PR and the music industry!” – Ashley Diana, Event Sales Manager, Valor Hospitality Partners  

“Denise Marsa is a creative force who understands the many levels of PR, marketing and entertainment. She has a great eye for detail and she has a deep passion to make a difference for her clients. The website we worked on is proving to be a great investment.” – Quinntin, Global Beauty Expert

“I would highly recommend Denise Marsa as both a press and a marketing agent. Her approach is original and forthright; from our first meeting, I could tell she definitely appreciates her clients as artists and creative entities. I’ve been working with Denise to redesign my website and to have new covers made for my five self-published novels, as well as to develop material that will promote these novels to agents and publishers. Denise’s creativity, professionalism, including her knowledge, variety of contacts and attention to detail, is impressive.  l very much look forward to the next stage of our collaboration”–Annabelle Troy, Author

“Working with Denise has been a really wonderful collaboration and great learning experience. She knows the industry inside and out and her passion for what she does is truly incredible. In helping me establish my singing career she has shown great enthusiasm, generosity and professionalism. I am so lucky to have found her to help guide me in the right direction.” – Rachel Millman, Recording Artist

“NEVER NOT HIRE a PR person if you are up to BIG. Thanks Denise Marsa, you were up to BIG with us and I truly appreciate the spirit with which you played our BIG game! Keep a going!” – Stephanie Castillo, Filmmaker, Thomas Chapin, Night Bird Song, ‘Olena Productions

“Working with Denise Marsa/ KeyMedia Public Relations has been both a career and life changing experience. I have learned so much and am grateful for all her hard work and the quality in which she represents her clients. Her efficiency and willingness to work hard and develop different ideas is exciting and she gets results. I am looking forward to the future.” -ShiZ’ka, Classical Pianist

““Denise & I have been working together for a few weeks now, and it is already an amazing and fruitful collaboration. She is smart, organized and knows the difference between publicity and public relations and is extremely skilled at both.” – Robert Herman, NYC Photographer, The Phone Book, The New Yorkers

“Thanks for all your work Denise!!  Our events on Friday June 9th were a huge success in part due to KeyMedia Public Relations and your hard work and efforts. People really were attune to what we are doing as an organization and we were pleased to hear from people who stopped by our booth that they heard about us via the various PR and marketing output you had secured for us. From the press releases to the work on the website and the great press, we all were so very pleased with your work. Nice job!” – Kris Munoz, Co-Chair, West Hollywood LVC, Non-profit, Etheridge Award, Director of Business and Legal, Bug Music, Los Angeles

“Denise Marsa brings a wealth of talent, experience and expertise to any events marketing, PR or community outreach effort. I had the privilege of contracting and working with Denise on the Quest Diagnostics events activation and production of the 2015 Gay Pride event, NYC Pride Fest. Denise was both the consummate professional and quintessential team player, ready to do whatever was needed to produce a high quality and signature event experience. Denise delivered great ideas, LGBT insights, community relationships, and meticulous project management, as well as events and promotions know how, fueled by energy, passion, integrity and caring. A true people-person, Denise was a joy to have on the team.” – Mark Robertson, CEO i-MAPP Marketing, a Division of Optics Segment Marketing Group

“Denise is a star in many ways. Denise brings passion and commitment to every task she does.”  -Doug Pocock, Executive VP Egmont USA & VP Egmont Group

“I am very happy having hired Denise Marsa and KeyMedia Group to handle PR for the release of my album “Constant”. Denise has a variety of skills that have been crucial to the success of the campaign, including sharp writing, good web skills, and belief in her work and in her clients work. I recommend KeyMedia Group for anyone looking for great honest PR.” – Andy Gabrys, Musician, Composer, Producer

“Denise Marsa/KeyMedia Public Relations brings a wonderful blend of experience, knowledge and collaborative partnership to her practice and to her clients.  She knows her business, brings to the table a point of view, an openness to different perspectives and great facility to leverage them all as she builds a high impact and results focused public relations strategy for her clients.” –Amy Acker, Managing Parnter, Beacon People Solutions, LLC; Maryanne DiMarzo, Managing Partner, Beacon People Solutions, LLC

“Denise’s work makes a significant difference in the careers and businesses she represents.  Denise has an uncanny ability to seek and promote new talent. She was instrumental in offering a unique calling card to my son Dane Michael Glynn and the experience with Denise as one of his mentors helped prepare him for college and professional auditioning. Denise’s blend of business acumen combined with her knowledge and passion for the entertainment industry makes her a solid partner for young independent talent.  An inspirational artist in her own right, Denise Marsa is an individual who has made a life and a living out of doing what she was destined to do.”- Jill Cecala, Business Development Director, BI Worldwide

“Denise Marsa was a dynamic and supportive collaborator in my most recent concert at Carnegie Hall’s Zankel Hall. Her experience in communications and PR was helpful during the promotion of the concert, the most important performance of my career to date. Furthermore, Denise shared enthusiasm for my overarching mission as a pianist and entrepreneur and went to great depths to understand and adopt the vision of my work. Denise was a pleasure to work with and certainly made me feel at ease during the chaos of planning a concert at Carnegie Hall!” – Kimball Gallagher, Pianist and Philanthropist

“Denise Marsa (the music mentor herself), has been an essential part of all of the wonderful musical happenings of 2010. Despite the fact that we live on opposite coasts, Denise has been with me every step of the way this year as a manager, business partner, mentor and friend.” – Nicole Berke, Singer, songwriter, pianist

“Tremendous value. The press release was flawless and the music was such a great fit!” – Anetra Henry-Hunting, The Hunting Group Sponsorship

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