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2019 Dr Kela Here & Now with Sandra Bookman ABC, NYC
Dr. Kela Henry, Family Doctor, Speaker, Author

We started working with Dr. Kela Henry in 2014 and our initial goal was to increase Dr. Henry’s visibility as a family practitioner, based out of the metro Atlanta, Georgia area. We built (and maintain) her website and started working with her on her work in the community.

Our work has included media training, book editing, marketing designs, handling contracts with vendors and talent, creating press materials,  pitching media and booking her for personal appearances.

Within a few years we helped her to segue her work towards a demographic she was passionate about reaching, the African American teenage girl. After researching local non-profits in her area we found the best fit for Dr. Henry, we approached the organizations on behalf of Dr. Henry and booked her as a guest speaker.  Soon she began speaking to young girls about Education and Sex. We put together her marketing brochure and helped her with her Power Point Presentation as a guest speaker. We also co-wrote and co-produced her second video, Educations & Sex: Time for a Game Plan Girls! In the video, we introduce what was to become her debut book through her own newly formed imprint BTH CREATIONS LLC. We have been managing the imprint and project managing the book since its inception.

We also planted the initial seed about her writing a book back in 2014! We brainstormed every week about the best approach and way to tackle the topics. The book went through several incarnations. Eventually finding her way in order to speak her mind and share her own experiences with teens while paying  it forward. 2018: Her practice has grown exponentially; and she is releasing her first book, started her imprint BTH CREATIONS LLC and now NIA & THE NUMBERS GAME, A Teenager’s Guide to Education, Relationships & Sex, debuts September 2018!  On September 1, 2018 Dr. Kela had her first booking signing at Barnes & Noble, Mall of Georgia in Atlanta. Hundreds of people showed up and Dr. Kela broke the record for sales ( past 15 years) from a local author by a long shot! We are very proud to be a part of Dr. Kela’s success!

Robert Herman, Photographer, THE PHONE BOOK  & THE NEW YORKERS:

The Phone Book Robert Herman
We mourn the passing of Robert Herman, March 22, 2020. An intense loss to the arts & phootgraphy community.

We were hired in August 2015 to handle a straight forward public relations book campaign for Robert Herman’s THE PHONE BOOK on Schiffer Publishing. The author hired us to work with him and the publisher directly. We wrote his initial book press release and bio and created a fine tuned extensive media list to pitch the book. The publisher added their own contacts, as did the author, so we had a very strong list. The book was initially planned for an October 2015 release however it came in late. We were able to send books to reviewers in late November. We initially pitched WNYC in November of 2015 and finally booked Herman in July 2016.

We worked on his book launch party, booked personal appearances, lectures, book signings, quotes from attendees of events and throughout 2016, Herman’s presence grew. KMPR’s goal was to use the THE PHONE BOOK’s press and attention as leverage for his first self-published book THE NEW YORKERS.  We included info about that book in all our press releases as we were growing Herman’s “brand”.  We were successful, THE NEW YORKERS is now, as of today (12/15/2016) in its 3rd printing.

We also helped him to create his Workshops & Lectures Brochure and helped with his live presentations. We negotiated and booked his first out of state – 4 day workshop in Dallas, Texas. It sold-out and was a big success.

We were also very proud to represent and negotiate Herman’s images in the COACH: A Story of New York Cool-their 75th Anniversary Book.

One other great opportunity we provided to Herman was the scheduling of a meeting between Herman and Ethan Winogrand, the son of the late great street photographer Gary Winogrand.  Ethan is involved with his late father’s estate and the two became friends.

In the end, during our year and a half working together, we took on a greater role for Herman, to help him solidify his place as one of the top world-renowned street photographers today. We increased Herman’s visibility and opportunities followed. We accomplished what we set out to do for Robert! He is truly a gifted photographer and his lectures on self-publishing and photography are engrossing and helpful to all that attend them.

Here are some sample press we acquired on Robert’s behalf and events we booked and promoted:

 The 60+ Best Gifts For People Who Really, Really Love NYC Holiday 2016, GOTHAMIST

Robert Herman recently stopped by WNYC’s Leonard Lopate Show to discuss THE PHONE BOOK. Listen here: The Photographer’s Role in the Digital Age. “Robert – you were not only articulate, but a joy!!  It’s hard to make something like photography “visible” on radio – but you did!! THANKS again for joining us!!”  – Melissa Eagan, Executive Producer, The Leonard Lopate Show

“I’ve attended many lectures at B & H and Robert’s was one of the best. The work was so interesting and it was inspiring to see what could be done with an iPhone and to learn of Robert’s photographic journey. I really did think it was a fantastic presentation!” – Debra Wells, Photographer

“New York street photographer Robert Herman is able to take stunning photos with his iPhone, and he shares 30 of this recent images with us here. He is best known for his great color street photography from the 1980s, which were all made using film cameras. Herman’s book of Kodachrome film photos, The New Yorkers, was recently reprinted due to popular demand. See what he can do with a digital smartphone and the eye of an experienced photographer — pure inspiration!” —Jim Casper, Lens Culture, Editor & Publisher

“THE PHONE BOOK is filled with color and black-and-white photos that are by turns compassionate, witty, and observant. [It] shows that we’re not living entirely in a digital or print world, but instead one that creatively merges aspects of both.” – Michael Dashkin, Library Journal

“Known for his award winning street photography, Herman used Hipstamatic’s square format to create this unique collection of iPhone photographs made while traveling across the world.” – Elizabeth Avedon Journal, Best of 2015

Robert Herman Seminars PhotoPlus Expo:
Fri, Oct 21, 2016 – 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM
PW17-Authentic Street photography with your iPhone!

Sat, Oct 22, 2016 – 10:15 AM to 12:15 PMSA7-Self-Publish your Photo Book: From Kickstarter to MoMA 
Fri, Oct 21, 2016 – 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM PW17-Authentic Street photography with your iPhone! NEW!

Robert Herman: October 2016, Photo Plus Expo Workshop Testimonials:

“Robert taught me a whole new way to view street photography. He taught me how to tell a story rather than just take pictures. I think the pictures I make now are much more personal than they were before. The time I spent in the workshop with Robert was informative and frustrating at times but I would do the whole thing again.” – Neil Resnik

“Greatly enjoyed Robert Herman’s Photo Walk at this year’s Photo Plus Expo. Enjoying THE PHONE BOOK.” – Peter Mendelson

“Robert Herman’s Authentic Street Photography with Your iPhone Workshop not only did Robert expertly teach his photo taking and editing techniques, he also shared his vision on how to find your own “inner” photographer. His advice motivated me to try new ways to practice my iPhone travel photography. An informative and enlightening workshop!” – Jeanne N. Devine, Devine Designer Travel

“Robert Herman’s photo walk was terrific. Like a free therapy session! It offered a new way to view the world + is helping me to discard old images.” – Bill, NYC Architectural Photographer

PDNPULSE feature from Photo Editor Rebecca Robertson:

HEAPS Magazine JAPAN interview and photos 10/18

Photographer’s Forum Review THE PHONE BOOK September 2016

Lens Culture:

Slate/Behold: Gorgeous Cinematic Photos From a Bygone Era of New York City by David Rosenberg May 31, 2016

Library Journal Review: Instant Photos | Arts & Humanities Reviews, May 1, 2016 

Hybrid artist NICOLE BERKE is a pianist, singer and an award winning songwriter mixing jazz, R&B-Soul and alt pop into her songs.

We have been working with Nicole Berke since 2009. From Boston, to Portland to China and now back in Boston, we have been her management team guiding her towards a future for her incredible music. Music placements, websites, opening slots for music legends, photo shoots, album covers, contracts, work for hires, press releases, press and music production consulting, we continue our support for this extremely talented young musician.

We started working with Nicole while she was still at Amherst College, helping her to develop and present her distinguishable style of singing and songwriting. Our goal was to then increase her visibility. A Boston native Nicole Berke has won a prestigious ASCAP Award for her songwriting and has been published in ASCAP’s WE CREATE MUSIC blog. Berke moved to Portland, Oregon in 2009 to complete her Social Psychology degree at Portland State. Berke was a featured artist on the main stage at The Bite of Oregon Festival and appeared at The University of Wyoming twice in 2011. Her sold-out album launch concert in 2013 for her first full length release THIS BRIGHT BEFORE at Jimmy Mak’s in Portland, earned outstanding reviews including the Examiner sharing: “Berke’s performance was a dazzling showcase of her singing, writing, and playing talents, a testament to the passion and efforts she poured into her new album.” That same year, Nicole and her band opened for jazz organ legend Dr. Lonnie Smith (see Jazz Corner feature) at the Soul’d Out Festival and she also collaborated with the Portland Youth Ballet on a performance choreographed specifically to the songs on her album, THIS BRIGHT BEFORE. The album features lush arrangements styled in a unique and powerful mix of soul, jazz and alt pop.  In recent years, Nicole completed two musical residencies in China, first as a lead singer with R&B band The Soulcasters at the Kerry Center in Beijing and then as a nightly performer at the Intercontinental Hotel in Hong Kong under her own name.

Residing now in Bedford, Massachusetts, Nicole is currently an associate director and teacher at The Real School of Music in Burlington, MA. and she is concurrently obtaining her Masters Degree at Emerson College. In 2017 she released UP, her third release.  For more information please visit:


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