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Get Your Book to An Agent in 10 Easy Steps–KeyMedia Public Relations Announces PUSH YOUR BOOK

We know you’re busy. So let us do the legwork! We’ll get your book into the hands of agents, in a polished and timely manner, with marketing that makes your manuscript stand out from the crowd. Not only do we refine your pitch, we act as liaison between you and the agents contacted on your behalf–saving you time that you can put towards writing.

When you choose Push Your Book you eliminate the hassle of looking through lists of thousands of agents, writing and responding to emails and worrying about marketing materials.

PUSH YOUR BOOK will never reference your manuscript, your ideas or your name in any marketing materials or in social media. You can expect full confidentiality.


$500.00 -A One-Time Payment–for 12 weeks of services–For Fiction & Nonfiction

10 Simple Steps

Step 1:

You send us brief synopsis of your book, your bio & first 50 pages of your professionally edited manuscript.

Step 2:

We assess if your project is right for us. We’ll let you know if you’re accepted within 7 business days of your submission.

Step 3:

If accepted, you’ll receive via email a Client Agreement & a Non-Disclosure Agreement that we ask you to sign electronically. We will also sign these agreements and email them back to you.  After all parties have signed the agreements we will accept payment of $500 into a PayPal account.

Step 4:

After payment and your signed agreements have been received by us we send you a questionnaire,  which we ask you to complete within 48 hours. It will contain 10 questions designed to help us market your book with maximum impact.

Step 5:

Once we’ve reviewed the questionnaire, we’ll schedule a 30 minute phone consultation with you to discuss our pitching strategy.

Step 6:

We will rewrite synopsis and edit your bio. Five comparisons of contemporary works similar to your project will be included in the synopsis. You’ll then review materials and approve them; if you wish you have the right to one edit of synopsis and one edit of bio.

Step 7:

We handpick 5 agents appropriate for your project.

Step 8:

We send first 50 pages of your manuscript, and synopsis/bio/cover letter to agents.

Step 9:

We conduct one follow-up per agent consisting of a letter or phone call.  If agent selects your work for representative, we will let you know within a 48 hour period.

Step 10:

You receive a final report at the end of the project, containing a spreadsheet with the list of the five agents contacted, dates of contact, and their comments.


If an agent shows interest in your book, you will have the option to negotiate a new agreement with KeyMedia Public Relations, which will include one 30 minute conference call between KeyMedia and the agent with you, the author, on speaker phone.

Press Announcement: 

Get Your Book to An Agent in 10 Easy Steps–KeyMedia Public Relations Announces PUSH YOUR BOOK

NEW YORK – Jan. 10, 2018 – PRLog — KeyMedia Public Relations, a boutique West Village public relations firm, are pleased to announce the start of a new division: PUSH YOUR BOOKPUSH YOUR BOOK is designed to help the busy author efficiently and expertly get their book to the attention of the right agent, by breaking the process down into ten essential steps.

Finding an agent can be an intimidating process especially for the first-time author. “Thousands of listings are available in books and online however it can be difficult and daunting to select the agent who is right for your project,” says Maryanne Bertollo, an associate at KeyMedia, who has a vast knowledge of literature as well as a BA from Bennington College. “Even if you can identify the right agent your initial marketing materials, including the synopsis of your manuscript, are crucial to capturing the interest which might lead to a deal. read full release

The Women Behind Push Your Book:

Denise Marsa is CEO of KeyMedia Public Relations, a successful boutique PR company, as well as being a renowned international singer/songwriter.

Maryanne Bertollo is a graduate of Bennington College with a BA in English. She is well-read, with a strong knowledge of literature both contemporary and classic. Under the pen name Annabelle Troy, she is a self-published author.