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Photo credits Tobe Baer: Photographer: King Redman; Stylist: Alvin Maldonado; Photo Shoot Consultant: Diana Broussard

Tobe Baer, a native Californian hails from the San Francisco area. Born December 16, 1991 to a German Mother and Canadian Father, he grew up with exposure to a variety of influences, among his international family, living all over the world including Canada, Germany and India. However, it was not until nearly 7 years later, after graduating with honors and a BA in Bio-engineering from University of California, Santa Cruz, and with 3 years of special education teaching under his belt, that he realized that his one true calling was to make music. Read the full release

Originally from the Boston area, Nicole Berke  is a singer, songwriter, keyboardist and all-around music enthusiast. Nicole’s love of music comes from growing up in the Boston area with musician parents. She started performing by the age of five, wrote her first song by the age of six and discovered an irresistible draw towards the piano at the age of seven. Nicole released her well-received debut full length album, This Bright Before, (ASCAP Award Winner) co-produced with drummer/pianist Josh Lava in collaboration with KeyMedia Music Group. Shortly after finishing her album, Nicole and her band seized several exciting opportunities in Portland: a sold out dual record release show with guitarist Chance Hayden, the good fortune of opening for legendary jazz organ player Dr. Lonnie Smith and a collaboration with the Portland Youth Ballet, where dancers performed pieces choreographed to the music from This Bright Before. Prior to releasing This Bright Before, while attending college UMass Amherst, Nicole recorded and released her debut EP, Frondescence, which won an ASCAP award. (Read Nicole’s contribution to their website here: The Call of the Void: Nicole Berke’s Journey Across the World). She received her bachelor’s degree from Social Psychology at Portland State University.  She has toured around the Northwest and Northeast areas of the states, has performed in China, both Beijing and Singapore, and has been interviewed live on local and regional broadcasting networks. Nicole now lives back in the Boston area and is working towards her Master’s Degree at Emerson College. photos Amy Rollo

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