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KeyMedia Group is a music company with its focus on new artist development, devoted to discovering, producing and launching new talent. We support & nurture original artists and their music. KeyMedia Group also functions as an indie record label and publishing company. Our artists are eclectic and vary in genres.

Pop * R&B-Soul * Indie Rock * Folk-Pop * Singer-Songwriter * Adult Contemporary * Nu-Jazz * Classical and sometimes all together.

Our music has been featured in film & TV projects distributed by various distributors including ABC, HBO, Disney & Showtime. We look forward to continuing our collaborations with directors, producers and music supervisors.

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New Release

REIGNLAND MUSIC Tobe Baer Has Released A New Track Called “Something Beautiful”

Tobe Baer has released a wonderful new track called “Something Beautiful” It’s the most kindest and caring song I’ve heard. 

Tobe Baer Returns To Rockwood Music Hall 3.18.20 8PM – Thursday, January 30, 2020 (New York, New York) –Singer-songwriter Tobe Baer, is a world-traveled, mindful, and mellow, 28-year-old. After his successful NYC debut concert at Rockwood Music Hall last December he is returning to Stage 1 on March 18, 2020 @8PM. He performs solo, playing multiple instruments and utilizing loopers and triggered sounds to create a rich musical experience.

On January 31, he is dropping his second single SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL the follow up to his single first LIGHT THE WAY. SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL is a song about wanting and needing to find beauty in life even when life throws you curveballs. Whether that beauty comes from someone you love, from something you find, or from within yourself.

Mixing soul, pop and folk, his music is organically indie, from the inside out. His sound is fresh and groove-oriented, mixing a blend of old school Motown sound, with European techno and British production sensibility. His approach to his music is sensual and realistic; he sings about friends, girlfriends, aspirations, frustrations and everyday life in a big city, with the inner complexities we all feel, chiming in.

Tobe has been compared to Maxwell, Bon Iver, John Mayer and Ed Sheeran.

This concert is free. Reserve now.

New Release

LIGHT THE WAY by TOBE BAER Drops Thursday, December 12  with Rockwood Music Hall Concert

Thursday, December 5, 2019 (New York, New York) – Sharing advice on his first single, LIGHT THE WAY, singer-songwriter Tobe Baer sings, “Before you walk off in the middle of the night, take a couple more breaths, get your head on right.” Lyrics like these suggest this former special education teacher knows the value of thinking things through before acting. World traveled, mindful, and mellow, the 27-year-old is dropping the single LIGHT THE WAY on Thursday, December 12. That same day he will perform his first set in NYC at Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 1, 196 Allen Street at 7 PM, the concert is free. He performs solo, playing multiple instruments and utilizing loopers and triggered sounds to create a rich musical experience.

Classical Pianist ShiZ’ka’s Label Keze Records Partners with KeyMedia Group on her stunning debut album SCARLATTI SONATAS

Classical Pianist SHIZ’KA to Perform Centuries-Old Music with a Millennial Twist Revelation Gallery March 21, BRILLIANCE & FERVOR: Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, Scarlatti & More

(New York, New York) January 30, 2020 — ShiZ’ka will return to St. John’s in the Village on March 21, 2020, at 2 PM; this concert will be held at Revelation Gallery. Her first concert SCARLATTI IN THE CITY was received with great enthusiasm and this follow up performance BRILLIANCE & FERVOR: Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, Scarlatti & More will feature new pieces just added to the artist’s already expansive repertoire.

ShiZ’ka, 26 years old, is becoming known for her intense and refreshingly spontaneous delivery of some of the world’s best-known classical music. In March she will be premiering music from the composers featured in the program title plus works from Chopin andProkofiev.  Constantly challenging herself to learn and master new works, ShiZ’ka recently made the decision to stop entering competitions, a path many new young classical artists take in order to receive recognition.

She shares, “I desire to feel a bond between the composer and their compositions. When you learn for the sole purpose of competing, to “win” and being judged as better or more talented than other musicians, it takes the creative process to a darker channel for me. I realize there are financial awards and recognition that may lead to opportunities to elevate my career, however after entering a few competitions last year in New York and being told I came close to winning, I was left feeling drained of my love of the music itself. It just feels unnatural and unsettling for me and it may take me longer to find my audience. It will be a healthier and more encouraging process as I move forward in my career.” read full release

KeyMedia Music Group Announces the Signing of Recording Artist Tobe Baer

NEW YORK – Aug. 26, 2019 – PRLog — Continuing their work developing and launching new talent, KeyMedia Music Group is excited to announce their newest signing, up-and-coming singer/songwriter and acoustic guitarist Tobe Baer to a management and production deal. full release