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Svjetlana Bukvich’s Collaboration “Once You Are Not a Stranger” with Janis Brenner & Dancers to Premiere in New York June 1-3, at the Gibney Dance

May 25, 2017 | KeyMedia Public Relations / Denise Marsa Productions
Bukvich Becomes the Go-To Composer for New Works from Innovative Dance Minds New York, New York (Thursday, May 18, 2017) – KeyMedia Public Relations is pleased to announce that our client, composer Svjetlana Bukvich, is continuing to share her … » Read


Workshops Looking at THE PASS and a new title

So, as sure as I can be about something, it would be foolish to not admit, my mind can also change. Many things core to my values have stuck around through the decades. However newer ideas, thoughts, songs and yes even my one woman show and it’s vignettes, songs and now even the title, may be subject to change. Especially before “premiering” the show.

After a run through of what some may call a workshop, in my apartment in Los Angeles, it has come to my attention that another title might work better for my show. The two friends that sat and listened and totally enjoyed and are 100% supportive of the idea, are both in the arts. One is an actress, from Great Britain and also a voice over coach. She is also an incredible massage therapist who spent 1.5 hours on my body and relieved me of many toxins, emotions and minor aches and pains. I was totally immersed in the experience. It lingers on still…today.  The other works in film, and also music. They have known me a very long time and I trust and value their opinion. They had other comments about the second half of the show and am going to be working hard on what I intend to share and write about in the show after Episode/Vignette #9. I am first going to contemplate the title. In depth and will be asking a few close people what they think.

As I sit here in Florida, at my trusty computer, visiting my soon to be 90 year old dad Billy, the birds are singing, the Soundscapes channel is on Music Choice and I am thinking about life, music and a new title for THE PASS. What do you think of ROOM FOR ME? Please comment, share your thoughts. If you are so inclined. What does each title mean to you?

To the birds…and the skies that harbor them. IMG_4333

and a song: Nice Dream Today 

My Time Spent…Running a PR Company

Hello fellow bloggers and website visitors. I am going to start to blog a bit now and again about my work with KeyMedia Public Relations. I will share thoughts around the art , yes the art of public relations, building lists, attaining and maintaining clients, building awareness for projects and people and missions and all that makes the world go round in our sphere of PR. Which circles round all the spheres.

I may share news about clients. Their work, their struggles, their goals and accomplishments. Or ask questions to all you out there in blogsville.

Feel free to share your thoughts around PR, clients, press releases, social media, spreading the word and just words. Words vs action. Or in support of…action and intention. Stop by again soon!