KeyMedia Group, KeyMedia Public Relations, KeyMedia Music Group is Denise Marsa Productions

After many moments of back and forth, I have decided to combine all the separate entities into one: Denise Marsa Productions. We handle PR, marketing and branding campaigns. We also record and release music and produce videos and theater productions.  

Blog Posts Fluid Content

Here we will share various insights and happenings here at KMPR including press releases. Musical America PRESS RELEASES Svjetlana Bukvich’s Collaboration “Once You Are Not a Stranger” with Janis Brenner & Dancers to Premiere in New York June 1-3, at the Gibney Dance May 25, 2017 | KeyMedia Public Relations / Denise Marsa Productions BukvichContinue reading “Blog Posts Fluid Content”

Workshops Looking at THE PASS and a new title

So, as sure as I can be about something, it would be foolish to not admit, my mind can also change. Many things core to my values have stuck around through the decades. However newer ideas, thoughts, songs and yes even my one woman show and it’s vignettes, songs and now even the title, mayContinue reading “Workshops Looking at THE PASS and a new title”

My Time Spent…Running a PR Company

Hello fellow bloggers and website visitors. I am going to start to blog a bit now and again about my work with KeyMedia Public Relations. I will share thoughts around the art , yes the art of public relations, building lists, attaining and maintaining clients, building awareness for projects and people and missions and allContinue reading “My Time Spent…Running a PR Company”