Dr. Kela with Sandra Bookman, WABC7 NY Here & Now discussing her award-winning book NIA & THE NUMBERS GAME
Denise & client Tobe Baer (featured performer) at Live Out Loud Gala 2019

Denise Marsa/KeyMedia Public Relations brings a wonderful blend of experience, knowledge and collaborative partnership to her practice and to her clients.  She knows her business, brings to the table a point of view, an openness to different perspectives and great facility to leverage them all as she builds a high impact and results focused public relations strategy for her clients.” –Amy Acker, Managing Parnter, Beacon People Solutions, LLC; Maryanne DiMarzo, Managing Partner, Beacon People Solutions, LLC

A fresh approach…

Located in the heart of Greenwich Village, NYC, KeyMedia Public Relations is known for thinking outside the box and for client diversity. Results oriented, it is our goal to provide new & exciting ideas, solutions, genuine support, growth and a productive work environment for our clients and their projects.

Our focus…

Arts & Entertainment


Health & Wellness


We strive to create and increase visibility and opportunity for our clients.
Dr. Kela Henry’s debut book launch party for NIA & THE NUMBERS GAME, Atlanta, GA

It all started…

In 1998 founder Denise Marsa, known initially as an award-winning international recording artist, started her own record label KeyMedia Group and released her debut album SELF while living in Los Angeles. She began her work in PR & marketing as a necessity, taking on all tasks at the label, it was on her shoulders to ensure visibility for the album. As her work in PR & marketing gained attention, others asked her to help with their campaigns. She officially launched KeyMedia Public Relations in 2008. Denise Marsa Productions was started in 2010. Since 2008 the company has been able to facilitate dozens of various types of campaigns that are tailored to each client, managed and when necessary, freelance talent is hired. Denise believes that collaboration is the winning ingredient in all campaigns and associations, leading to accelerating & elevating client’s success.

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